We measure and predict urban mobility's impact on the environment.

Our mission is to deliver easy-to-use solutions to help cities analyse their urban emissions and fast-track the change necessary for a sustainable world.

GaiaHub helps your city measure, not estimate urban mobility’s impact with proven methodologies and tools tailored for you and your city.

Screencap of GaiaHub tracking dashboard

Air quality monitoring

Monitor and predict air quality.

Real-time GHGs analyses

GaiaHub combines our sensors and your city's to synthesise reports about air quality in your region. Set the region as specifically as you want: whether it's a single intersection or an entire neighbourhood.


Both short-term and long-term predictions of air quality change, taking into account the weather, vehicle emissions, and everything else.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockupDashboard mockup

Urban traffic tracking and simulation

Measure important metrics about your selected areas and draw conclusions. GaiaHub helps you get vital information to create your policies and analyse results.
Count and predict exact vehicles and estimate people during selected periods - 5 minutes or a year, completely customisable.
Save, schedule, and automate reports to your inbox
Get notifications about unexpected changes in traffic and emissions
Simulate scenarios for specific areas by changing the amounts or types of vehicles

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GaiaHub featured in Mente et Manu, TalTech student newspaper
April 19, 2023
GaiaHub featured in Mente et Manu, TalTech student newspaper
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