About GaiaHub

GaiaHub is about trust, respect, and transparency.

It is a goal for both our business and our lives. We actively work to achieve these values in both the private and the public sector. We think of our tools as catalysts for increasing organisations’ accountability in these areas.

Sustainability mission

We are in this because we are deeply invested in saving the world. There are many different ways to tackle this; we chose to work on mobility. We welcome partners and investors who are as passionate about this as we are.

We work every day to decrease our footprints in both life and in business. Our software is inspired by the Sustainable Web Manifesto and complies with WSG. We also consider it a core aspect of our UVP: when we want to onboard a city, we first perform a thorough analysis of the existing sensor infrastructure in order to use as much of existing hardware as possible. We also aspire to make all our services green-energy-based.

Commitment to diversity

As women working in tech, we are painfully aware of diversity issues in the software sector, and even more so in the logistics and smart city areas. We are committed to creating a diverse and interesting team that can innovate together thanks to their differences.
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The people behind GaiaHub

Lena Chornovol
Our beacon of reason and responsiblity.
Executive and finances.
Chahinez Ounoughi
Without her algorithms, nothing works.
Development and machine learning.
Helena Väinmaa
Figures out what users really want.
Product design & development.
Riina Eedra
She's always on the lookout.
Public relations and business development.
Mervet Kägu
Our guiding light towards compliance.
Legal, compliance and partnerships.
Sadok Ben Yahia
Without him, GaiaHub wouldn't exist.
Research and development.

We measure and predict urban mobility's impact on the environment.

Our mission is to deliver easy-to-use solutions to help cities analyse their urban emissions and fast-track the change necessary for a sustainable world.

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